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By selling on this site allows me to keep candle prices lower than major retailers.

If you would like more than what I have in stock. Send me an email to request the amount of candles you would like made for parties, weddings, etc.

Meet Robbie Jurado

I'm a humble & simple person who enjoys meditating & creating crafts that bring peace & harmony. The candles I make are infused with happiness & peace. If you are familiar with the science of how vibrations are stored from liquid to solids. You would understand how food, clothes, even candles become infused by the energies of who & what processed it. Less & less people are buying items in the world that are mass produced by cold unfeeling machine assembly lines. Just like most people preferring homemade foods vs a microwaved meal. I apply the same concept to everything I create. It must be made with individual care & infuse creations with only positive energies. I hope you enjoy the candles I have prepared for you. May it bring you peace, love, harmony, prosperity, balance, & healing. Namaste.  

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